How To Choose A Metal Bed Frame

The Basic metal bed frame is the main choice of most people, because in addition to durable also seem simple. Especially now that the metal bed frame on the market can be dismantled, so more efficient if we want to move.

Basic metal bed frame assembly is not as difficult as you might think because a vendor’s store usually has a user manual to install. If not they have already set up a technician who will install it in your home.

Metal bed frame bolts do not splatter if you later want to install it yourself. Count that number carefully and if it can be placed in a special place so you can hardly find it. Do not let a missing bolt, because it will affect the installation, it could be your bed is not installed properly.

But to buy metal sheets do not need to rush, take a time to think about what you want. Be sure to buy as needed and not cause any regrets in the future.

Not only pay attention to the safety factor, but the condition of the room should also be considered. Then later you will feel comfortable because it can not be denied if the look of the bed is as important as comfort.

Some things to note before buying a metal bed frame, such as:

Make sure

You should consider the size of the metal bed you want to buy, whether it is in accordance with the size of your room. Also, make sure how many areas you need. You can order the bed as desired, but it should be noted because it is relatively safe to find nonstandard mattresses and bed linen.

Here are some common bed sizes on the market:

Twin Bed: 39 inches (width) x 75 inches (length)

Extra Long Twin Bed: 39 inches x 80 inches

Double Bed: 54 inches x 75 inches

The queen size is 60 inches x 80 inches

King Standard: 76 inches x 80 inches

King of California / King West: 72 inches x 84 inches


Choose the type you want

After knowing the required size, then you can decide what type of bed you want.

Standard types usually provide extra storage space below, inside or at the end of the bed.


Trundle bed types are more flexible. Usually used for children’s bedroom or guest.

Kinds of bunk beds for children or teenagers. Can be used for those of you who have limited room space at home. This type of bed is usually to save space.

Regarding about the high or low bed you need, many choices on the market, you just choose according to your needs and desires.

Define Model

The choice of bed model depends on the bedroom interior design you have.

For the traditional concept you can choose a wooden bed, usually, the element of wood fits perfectly with traditional room interiors. In order to look more formal, can choose a dark color with a large size.

For a contemporary concept, try something simple, fine lines and neat. The skin panel will look right in the headboard.

For the concept of electronic bedroom nuances, can choose a bed with a mixture of various materials such as metal and wood.

For the concept of country style space, can choose metal and wood elements but avoid the glossy. Very useful.