How To Decorate A Modern Bedroom With Platform Bed

Platform bed with nightstand attached is currently one of the most popular items in the world of bedroom design. It spells simplicity since the style matches perfectly well with the bed and it also makes decorating the room a lot easier. Platform bed along with its nightstand can actually be used for various bedroom styles from contemporary, modern to rustic and traditional.

There is definitely no limit when it comes to this furniture. This is why you need to be very careful if you want to create a modern style bedroom with platform bed. If you are reckless, you might not be able to achieve the kind of style that you want. Here are some tips you can use to decorate a modern bedroom with a platform bed.

Treat the Bed as the Focal Point

First of all, you need to make sure that the king platform bed with attached nightstands can be the focal point of the room. Actually this is a very simple task since such a big bed definitely will easily grab attention, especially when there are nightstands attached on its left and right. But this easy task can still go in vain if you are not careful. So, you need to make sure that the attention will be drawn to the room. You should not put too many ornaments in the other sides of the bedroom in order to focus the attention. Furthermore, you can also use an eye catching bed sheets to help making the bed looks more attractive.

Use Wood Furniture

Wood furniture might be more popular in traditional room but it doesn’t mean modern style room cannot use it. With the right choice of furniture, you can use wooden materials to spice up your bedroom. Besides, wood is neutral so it will blend well with the platform bed no matter what kind of material your platform bed is. However, since it is a modern room, you should not get a curvy furniture with carves here and there. Stick with polished streamline furniture so that the room will not be overwhelmed with the design of the furniture.

Combine Dark and Light Colors

Last but not least, make sure you combine dark and light colors in the room to create contrast. You can use white or other neutral colors for the background. Meanwhile, you can choose darker colors like black or brown for the modern platform bed with attached nightstands.(*)