Metal or Wood, Which Bed Frame is the Most Suitable for You?

Sleeping comfortably is not only about a good mattress or a fluffy blanket. The quality of the bed frame is also important and that is why I always look for the best bed frame at bed frame stores near me. When it comes to bed frame, we definitely want something sturdy and can hold our mattress well. We don’t want something squeaky or something that will go bed in only one or two years. Bed frame doesn’t come cheap so you definitely want something that lasts.

Speaking of a sturdy and long lasting bed frame, there are actually two very popular materials—metal and wood. Both materials are equally good but they have their own strong and weak point. To help you choose the one that you will find the most comfortable for you, let’s compare the two materials.

Metal Bed Frame

The best thing about metal is of course its durability. Metal is the toughest of the toughest when it comes to bed frame and when I check the price at some bed frame stores near me, the price is definitely reasonable. For a material that will not crack or break, it is actually very cheap. Furthermore, metal bed frame also will be immune from insects attack or disgusting molds. It indeed will rust as time goes by, but if you are able to maintain it properly, it will take a very long time until the metal rusts.

When it comes to style, metal is also superior, especially if you are a fan of industrial style house. the metal bed frame will give an edgy style as well as some unique elegance that cannot be provided by other materials.

Wood Bed Frame

It is very hard to go wrong with woods. This material is so popular and has been used as bed frame for generations. The best thing about wood is we can easily fit it in any bedroom style that we prefer. Woods have various textures and grain patterns which give variety and allow us to choose the best decoration for our bedroom.

Since bed is the focal point in our bedroom, it is important to choose a bed frame that will be distinctive enough to catch attention and wood is the best for that job. Wood is also very easy to shape and style and it is able to bring out a unique natural vibe inside our bedroom. You also can easily various types of wood bed frame in prominent bed frame stores Melbourne.(*)