The Right Measurement For A Twin Size Bed Frame

Do you know the actual width of twin bed frame? If your house is not gifted with big bedrooms, you might need to settle with a twin size bed instead of going all out with a queen size or even a California King bed. However, just because your bed is small it doesn’t mean that your sleeping time will be less comfortable. To make sure you can sleep conveniently, you only need to choose a twin size bed with the perfect measurement. If you go with the standard size, you will be able to pick a suitable mattress for the bed that will guarantee a good night sleep. These are some information regarding the measurement of a twin size bed that you need to know.

Twin Bed Dimension

Twin size bed is the smallest bed size available in the market so it is commonly used in small rooms or for children bedroom. The size is indeed small but it still leaves plenty of room to move so you don’t have to worry about using such a small bed. The standard width of a twin bed frame is 39 inches while the length is around 74 to 75 inches.

Twin XL Bed Dimension

If you are an adult or you are a little bit taller than average person, sleeping in twin size bed might be very uncomfortable. You will find your legs dangling on the end of the bed and it is just not the sleeping experience that you want to have.

If this is the case but your bedroom still cannot accommodate a full size or queen size bed, then you can opt for twin XL bed. The width of twin XL bed is 39 inches, which is the same with its smaller sibling, the twin size bed. So, it will not take too much space in your room. However, the length is different. Instead of only 75 inches, twin XL bed is longer by 5 inches. A 80 inches bed frame is definitely the one you need for a more comfortable sleep even though the space of the room is not in your favor. While twin size bed is more suitable for kids, twin XL bed can be comfortably used by adults.

No matter which one you choose, you really need to pay more attention to the dimension. The length and width of a twin size bed frame will determine which mattress you can choose. If you get a good mattress, you definitely will have a good night sleep.(*)