Three Reasons Why Twin Bed With Dresser Underneath Will Be Your Life Savior

Twin bed with dresser underneath may seem like a very simple furniture, but it can do wonder to your bedroom design. Houses and apartments nowadays tend to be very small. There are no rooms for huge cupboards and wardrobes so the owner must be extra creative when it comes to managing storage. This is where the storage bed comes to the rescue. If you haven’t used this furniture, this is the right time to start. Here are some advantages you will get from this double functioning furniture.

It Saves Space

The most obvious advantage is of course its space saving capability. When you have a small bedroom, you need to be very smart with the storage management and you need to take advantage of every space available. Many people have used the space underneath their bed for extra storage but twin bed frame with dresser underneath takes this game to the next level. The drawer can make sure that everything will be neater and tidier and you will not store clutters under your bed. Furthermore, since the drawer is closed, it will give some privacy as well as keep the things inside the drawer clean.

It Still Can Be Beautiful

Many people hesitate to use storage bed because they have no idea how to decorate around it. Cupboards and wardrobes are very important furniture that can be a part of decoration of the room. Since there is no space for those furniture, the storage bed needs to hard carry everything. But this is actually a good thing since the bed doesn’t have to compete for attention as the focal point in the room. Moreover, because the storage bed allows the room to have more empty space, you can easily put more decoration materials without making the room looks cluttered.

There Are Plenty of Design Choice

Just like ordinary bed, storage bed also comes with various design choices. Just because there are drawers underneath the bed, it doesn’t mean that the design option is limited. As a matter of fact, if you go to a store or browse online furniture shops, you can find unique storage bed designs that are completely different with the common bed design. The storage underneath the bed actually gives more room to make plenty of more unique designs which will be suitable for both kids and adults. The bold and vibrant vibe of twin bed with drawer storage will certainly make your bedroom more lively.(*)