Three Tips To Choose The Best Platform Bed

Platform bed with solid base no slats is very comfortable and beautiful. No wonder that nowadays, this type of bed has been a very popular choice for so many bedrooms all over the world. Just like other type of beds, platform bed comes with various shapes, size and also design. So, when you are choosing a platform bed for your bedroom, you should not only think about which one will suit the style of your bedroom, but you also need to consider the comfort aspect. If you dream of a very convenient sleep every night, you can refer to this platform bed buying guide to help you.

Pick the Material that You Like

Platform bed comes with plenty of material choices. Two of the most common are wooden and leather. Wooden platform bed is more sturdy and durable. Decorating around it also will be much easier because the material is very common. Whether it is modern, contemporary or traditional, the material of the wood can easily fit any style and you will have fun decorating your room.

But if you prefer something that will look more dramatic and elegant, leather is certainly the answer. Decorating around it might be more challenging because you need to carefully choose the additional furniture. However, since leather is a really stand out material, it will not be difficult at all to make the bed as the focal point of the room.

Mind the Size

Platform bed sometimes comes with attached night stand which will make the overall size of the bed becomes bigger. So, make sure you take this into consideration so that the bed doesn’t look too huge for your room. Furthermore, make sure the size of the platform is also suitable with the size of the mattress.

Slats or No Slats

You can choose a platform bed with slats or no slats. When it comes to comfort, both actually are the same. Whether the bed is slatted or not, you can still have a good night sleep. But the thing with slat is it can ensure good air circulation so that the mattress will not be covered with too much dust and will not spread bad odor. However, if you prefer to use memory foam mattress, slatted platform bed is not a good option because the slats will change the shape of the mattress. So, the best companion for mattress with memory foam is actually a platform bed with solid base no slats.(*)