How to Find a Great Full Size Bed for Sale Near Me

Who would have thought that looking for a full size bed for sale near me is not an easy task? Yes, it is true that there are just so many to choose from, but the problem goes beyond the available options because unfortunately for me, all of the full size beds I have seen seem to be more on the pricey side. As a college student, it is obvious that they are well out of my price range. Seeing all of those beautiful options displayed in the stores I have visited was indeed borderline depressing, but does it stop me from looking for the best full size bed at an affordable price? No, it does not.

My search for full size bed for sale cheap was started from the closest furniture store nearby, when I found out that I was not lucky enough finding that perfect 54-inches wide and 74-inches tall bed, I quickly went to another store located not too far from the premises. The search from one store to another lasted for about a week before I decided that perhaps, looking for an affordable full size bed in furniture stores was not such a good idea – I know it sounds ridiculous, but come to think of it. When we go to an actual home furnishing store, we must expect to hand over more money because they are priced higher there. While this is appaling for customers on tight budget like me, this practice is understandable because these stores must pay the building, the electricity, the salaries of their employees, and a lot of other things to get the business running.

As I said, after a week of scouring every single home furnishing store in town, a bright idea popped up in my head. Why on earth have I not thought about looking for my dream yet incredibly affordable full sized bed online? Online shopping is all the rage these days and it is not only because of the simplicity after all – but also for its affordability. This was the turning point for me, and later that day I searched for full size bed for sale craigslist and boy was I glad I did it! I found that elegant yet simple Whitmore Platform Bed by Varick Gallery that I had fallen head over heels with in one of the home furnishing stores I visited in the past. The best part? It was on sale and its normal prices of 490-dollar went down to 144-dollar with free shipping no less!.(*)