Pillow For Back And Side Sleeper

If you have trouble in sleeping, it is recommended for you to know the cause. The goal is that you easily anticipate this condition. People who are used to sleeping on right or left side are at risk of getting up with pain in the shoulders, hips and neck. This is because during sleep they are holding unbalanced weight. The choice of pillow material can also support a good night’s sleep. Here below you will find out more information about pillow for back and side sleeper.

Reach a Good Night’s Sleep

Recommendations of good sleep range from 7-8 hours. But, sometimes it is difficult to meet these suggestions if there are many deadlines of work projects that must be met, not to mention other trivial things that you find everyday even make stress increasingly peaked. When you feel very tired when you wake up in the morning, followed by a stabbing headache, even to fall asleep during the day, a sign that there is something wrong with your sleep routine. At night, the body temperature decreases and we begin to feel tired, sleepy, and lethargic.

The cooler the body temperature, the less motivation we are to perform important activities, such as breathing and pumping blood. Cooling the body is one of the natural body to indicate that we are ready to sleep. However, cooling at night will be a nuisance if we are in a hot and humid environment, where the air tends to stay at room temperature or even hotter. Take a bath with warm water before bed can help your body to lower its natural temperature and also relaxes the muscles of the body, in order to wake up in the morning to be fresher.

Choosing Pillow

Before the body actually sleeps, positioning a comfortable body on the mattress and closing the eyes is the first step that needs to be done. But often comfortable sleeping position is difficult to obtain because it is less shrewd choose a pillow. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, best pillow for back and side sleepers that you can use such as a thick pillow to fill the distance between the ear and shoulders. Place the pillow also between the knee and hip to prevent nerve and muscle pain when awakened from sleep. You can choose a thick and soft pillow, it can help you sleep better and avoid pain at some point when you wake up from sleep. You also can fill the pillow or foam pillow you as needed. You may also use knee pillow for back and side sleeper to increase your quality of sleep.

Some of the information above are about pillow for back and side sleeper in order to reach a good quality of sleep and it will not make any risk of getting up with pain in the shoulders, hips and neck.(*)