The Best Pillow For Stomach And Side Sleepers

According to some people, prone sleep position, supine, ore side are the same, there is no any effect on the person. In fact, sleeping positions have an impact on our health and affect the quality of our sleep. Quality sleep will restore power and keep our bodies refreshed when we wake up. However, sleep that is not qualified will make the body stiff when waking up, otherwise sleep is not qualified nor fully restore our energy. In addition, the pillow that we use to sleep also affects the quality of our sleep. Then, what is the best pillow for stomach and side sleeper? Here below you will get find out more information about that things.

Best Pillow for Stomach Sleeper

People who sleep with this stomach position, do not need a lot of pillows around the body. It’s just to maintain comfort as well as to avoid back pain at the bottom, tuck the pillow under the belly. Actually the best type of pillow for stomach and side sleepers is a thick but soft pillow. If you are a stomach sleeper then you need a comfortable pillow to put under your stomach. This pillow can be medium size or queen size pillow (18.5 “x 28”). This pillow should have a soft material in order to reducing the risk of waking with pain in the back or waist.

Best Pillow for Side Sleeper

There is also a side position, in fact this position is not considered bad. But we should not often use this position continuously. The oblique or side position according to the doctor that is good is tilt to the right side because this position is not pressing on your heart. Actually the best pillow for stomach and side sleepers are made from 100% polyurethane. If you are a side sleeper, then you need some thick pillows. One of the pillows is placed on the head to fill the distance between the shoulders and ears to avoid pain in the neck and shoulders when you wake up, while other pillows you can put under between waist and knee to avoid low back pain when awake.

Based on the text above we can conclude that sleep position can affect the quality of our sleep, but with pillow position that support and the correct type of pillow can reduce the risk of getting up in the state of back pain, neck and back.(*)