Where To Buy My Pillow

The quality of a good night’s sleep will make you feel fresh the next day. Several studies have revealed that sleep deprivation is associated with decreased thinking power and information processing. Lack of sleep is also closely related to the incidence of work accidents. Furthermore, if left in the long term, lack of sleep is associated with increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure. Sleep quality is also influenced by the bed and comfortable pillows, you will feel more comfortable and faster to reach deep sleep when using a mattress and pillows are comfortable for you. One pillow recommended by experts is my pillow. Where to buy my pillow? Who sells my pillow? Here below you will get more information.


My pillow is a pillow cover 100% cotton. This pillow has two sizes, queen size 18.5 “x 28” and king size 18.5 “x 34”. Material manufacture using polyurethane cotton that does not cause allergies and also anti-microbial materials. You will feel comfortable sleeping with my pillow in any position. In addition, this pillow is also equipped with a cool effect. This cool state will not make you overheat and sweat a lot during sleep. Pillows produced in the USA can be washed by machine and dried directly, so it is very easy to wash it. In addition, this pillow also has a warranty for 10 years (terms and conditions apply). Then, who sells my pillow in store?


Good for you if you live in the USA, it means you find a store that sells my pillow more easily. You can access my pillow store locator website with internet. Who sells my pillow near me? However, for those of you who live outside the USA, you can still buy these pillows in big stores or in imported goods stores. In addition, you can also order online on my pillow website, bed bath and beyond, Walmart, and many others.

Some of the information above is about my pillow and the places where you can buy it. You can easily buy them online, and usually there are promos or discounts you get when you buy them online or buy in large quantities. Because the pillow also determines the quality of your sleep and good sleep quality will affect the health and quality of your work performance. No need to hesitate, immediately select a good sleeping kit for you and have a good sleep!(*)