Buying Eastern King Bed Sheets

There will be some crucial rooms in the house but we can make sure that people will not be able to live properly in their house if they do not have proper bedroom. Bedroom can be the most crucial part of the house which people need to decorate properly. They have to choose the right bed which can support them with comfortable sleep for sure. Comfortable sleep is necessary but it will not be found with the right bed choice only.

People also have to look for the right bed sheets for their bed. Many people are looking for the comfort from the king size bed. However, they might be confused when choosing the bed sheet because there are some offers of king bed sheets including eastern king bed sheets. It is better for making sure that they have proper understanding about the difference to make sure that they buy the right bed sheet for their bedroom.


There will be some options of king bed sheets available in the market. There are slight differences which people can find especially of the dimensions but they have to pay attention greatly to the difference since it will affect the comfort while sleeping. People will be able to find the standard king size, eastern king size, and western or California king size mattress. The different types can also be found for the bed sheets as well because the bed sheets will match the mattress dimension.

The standard king size will have 76 x 80 inches measurement while the western or California king size will have 72 x 84 inches measurement. As for the eastern king size bed sheet dimensions, the measurement is 78 x 80 inches. They are all king size mattress but the slight different measurements will be troublesome when people are looking the perfect fit bed sheet. In this circumstance, people really need to pay attention carefully when buying the bed sheets.

Where to Buy

Yes, people have to pay attention to their mattress dimensions before buying the bed sheets. If people are asking about where to buy eastern king bed sheets, the answer might be difficult because eastern king and California king bed sheet are not common. They can go to the department stores and they will find the standard king bed sheets only. That is why if people want to get the eastern king bed sheets, they have to go to specialty bedding stores although it is still challenging if people also are looking for bed sheets with specific fabric, thread count, and look.(*)